WordPress limitations: what to avoid and why.


Sharpen your WordPress creative thinking.

Sharpen your WordPress creative thinking.

PagePipe helps you build better WordPress websites. We save you time and money and make your design decisions easier.

Almost 20 percent of all websites – some 66 million sites – use WordPress. The number of website designers relying on WordPress to make their living is still growing. Businesses and designers are anxious to learn how to improve their WordPress websites. Many wish to learn the skills necessary to make complex sites.

PagePipe discovers and invents common-sense solutions to make your WordPress design life easier. With thousands of WordPress plugins and themes available, it’s hard for many designers to know where to begin. PagePipe shares the benefits and pitfalls of WordPress themes, features and plugins.

PagePipe publishes WordPress Theme Takeaparts. Takeaparts provide technical-design knowledge and creative inspiration with a dose of business sense. Takeaparts share strong and clear advice – not on what a WordPress theme is – but on what the theme’s limitations are and what to avoid and why. We share conventional and unconventional ideas and workarounds that save time and money. We also teach how cut the “design fluff” that only works to slow down the website’s function.

PagePipe is the only provider on the Internet offering WordPress Theme Takeaparts. These learning and teaching tools help you with site development.

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