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Viewers judge websites with better design aesthetic as more competent, more respected, and trustworthy. We equate “Look” and site appearance with a willingness to take care of people. Attractive design increases people’s perceptions of likability, competence, and trustworthiness. People assume well-designed sites are intelligent and good. Design infers website content is capable, reliable and amiable. Design transforms how smart people think you are at first impression. The feeling of being warm and approachable is completely within our control.

early a quarter of all websites
use WordPress as their chosen platform. The content management system (CMS) is powerful enough to run some of the world’s most popular websites. Many website designers (like us) have chosen to specialize in WordPress. We find it flexible and efficient. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy for everyone.

As of early 2016, 25.8 percent of all websites are powered by WordPress. In 2014 alone, people created 18 million new WordPress sites. Out of Quantcast’s top one million sites, WordPress powers 19.1%. This shows that WordPress sites aren’t just for personal blogs, but popular websites as well. Each day, almost 14 million people view WordPress sites and view over 600 million pages.

You may think WordPress is only for small businesses or personal blogs. According to Technorati, 52% of their top 100 blogs use WordPress. This includes major sites such as TechCrunch, Mashable and New York Times blogs.

Of course, these aren’t the only big name sites using WordPress. The following are just a small sampling of major brands utilizing the power for the WordPress CMS:

    • The New Yorker
    • BBC America
    • MTV News
    • Time Inc.
    • 99U
    • The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog
    • Reuters Blogs

These sites see millions of visitors every month. This small list proves how powerful and reliable WordPress truly is for everyone.

No one wants an outdated site or a platform full of security issues. The WordPress community works constantly to ensure WordPress is as secure as possible. On average, a major free update releases about every 152 days and downloads a million times every two days.

WordPress is the most used CMS worldwide with 60.8% of users choosing it over other systems. The next most popular is Joomla with only 7.6% of users. The world prefers WordPress for a reason. The preference is a clear sign the platform is great for people who publish web content.

Not everything about WordPress is fun or easy.

ased on your requirements, we can install one of over a thousand free, responsive WordPress themes. We properly configure the theme using the supported options. We, then, remove any fluffy, non-feature that slows down your critical site speed.

To customize your website, we help select and install the best plugin options for adding:

  • Security against hackers and spammers.
  • Efficient image management and processing.
  • Fast browser caching.
  • Site backups.
  • Speed optimization.
  • Forms and buttons.
  • Web typography modifications.
  • Statistical analytics.
  • Automated site maintenance.
  • More website functions and features.

We’re designers who code. We also can make code alterations to HTML, CSS, and PHP to make your site work and look the way you want.

PagePipe helps educate you how to use WordPress. We publish technical discussions, plugin recommendations, theme reviews, and more. As a site owner, you’ll want to learn more about the WordPress platform, as well as save money wherever possible. Our PagePipe website publishes free information in online case studies and articles. PagePipe’s WordPress information is free. We produce free, downloadable, case-study reports yearly. We, also, publish free online tutorials about WordPress user experience principles.

What makes us unique. About 80 percent of most website project energy is waste. We want to focus on what’s most important. User experience (UX) is how people feel when they visit your website. We know attaining good UX is significant but uncomplicated.

There is no instruction manual or accreditation of acceptable WordPress user experience. One of our main jobs is removing subconscious irritations that mess up good first impressions. We’ve found the three key factors that ruin good user experiences are:

  • Slow pages.
  • Untrustworthy aesthetics.
  • Poor readability.

We concentrate our design energies as suggested by the Pareto principle – or 80/20 rule. This helps us balance web performance and aesthetics. In turn, that prevents wasting your time and money.

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