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Finesse WordPress reports are about customizing themes and websites for:

  • speed – fast page load time.
  • branding – consistent and unique aesthetics.
  • transparency – removing barriers to relevant content.

Being a Photoshop wizard or a coding geek has little to do with designing successful WordPress responsive websites.

Sharpen your WordPress tweaking skills.

Sharpen your WordPress tweaking skills.

We don’t teach Photoshop – or development coding. A website’s purpose is communicating a message to visitors. Believe us, you can do this with or without visual design. Finesse doesn’t teach designing complex or elaborate websites.

The real question is this: Can you make your site run ultra-fast on touch devices? This is what makes our opinionated Finesse reports unique. Tweaking a WordPress theme makes a big difference in performance – and appearance. Finesse shows you why making fine adjustments improve themes.

How good is good enough? We advocate the practical and unpretentious: relevant content, maximized utility, and optimized branding. WordPress themes need customization for a tailored web experience.

We can’t tolerate irrelevant and useless website clutter. So we tweak it out. Each Finesse report documents the design components of a different WordPress website. We’re the only publication using reverse-engineering methods to tweak web performance and branding balance.

Finesse helps you find web design success faster.

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Tweaking WordPress websites for professionals.